Collections are Infinite. Space is Finite.

"We all want access to information, and in some cases that will involve building collections; in others, it will mean renting access to information resources that will keep us current. In some cases, these services may be provided by a library, in others by a museum or even a website."

Too many physical books, documents, and other materials requires libraries to store these collections offsite where rent is cheaper and the environment is optimal for preservation. However, the traditional role of libraries as collections where objects are stored, preserved, and retrieved on request is changing. 

  • The process of storing and retrieving books and other materials from different preservation sites is too: time intensive, expensive, slow, and inaccurate;

  • The cost of information sharing and collaboration is too prohibitive; and

  •  The utility of data reporting  & analysis is too limited.

[this is an expensive problem in terms of resources (time, $$$$, space)!!!] The key to solving this problem as you build and grow your facility, is to create a process that truly leverages a comprehensive understanding of facility layout and design, operational workflow, and configuration to ensure that books, documents, or other materials are ALWAYS accounted for in every step of that process from accession and placement to retrieval and storage.

GFA offers a set of products and services designed around a proprietary process (initially developed in conjunction with the Harvard Depository) and refined over time through successful implementation and maintenance at some of the most prestigious universities and libraries around the world. 


No matter the size or scope of your facility, our solutions are configurable to meet and exceed your specific needs and goals.



Automated Inventory Management System (AIMS) is software designed for smaller facilities with collections of up to 1 million items. 

Library Archival Systems (LAS) is our flagship software suite designed for facilities with collections over 1 million items.


Barcode labels, desktop scanners, portable data terminals, and industrial barcode printers.


Unique methodology that delineates, groups and assigns items to maximize efficiency and minimize wasted space.

Business Intelligence Reporting

Set of dashboards with full drill-down capabilities designed to visualize key process indicators (KPIs). These tools incorporate enhanced reporting with Excel integration and users can view statistical data over multiple platforms and devices.


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