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GFA Support & Discussion Forums


Did you know that the new GFA support and discussion forums are now live? Click below to log in and enter your questions or respond to some of the discussion topics. This is your direct link to our top engineers and the best way to find solutions and request enhancements!

Maybe you noticed CTRL-F was not working properly when viewing certain lists? That’s been fixed, along with the BROWSE/PICK key and other enhancements. Want to request a new feature? Post it to the topic “What’s Next? You Tell Us.”

The best part of the Forums is that you can start your own topics about LAS and hear from others in the University and High Density Storage community about how they solved problems and what suggestions they have to help your operation run more smoothly.

  • Wondering if others are using bar coded locks on their transport bins?

  • Want to see who holds the record for the fastest accession rates?

  • Want suggestions on how best to handle a large accession project or adding a new aisle?

The more you participate the more useful it will be, so log on, take a look and post a topic today!

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