• Kevin Fiore

GFA Tours the Midwest

The GFA team recently returned from a Midwest trip with site visits to the amazing facilities at University of Wisconsin and Northwestern University. With beautiful end of summer weather and zero travel snags, the visits went off without a hitch.

We visited the Verona Shelving Facility where we met with Dennis from University of Wisconsin and talked with Jennifer who is opening a brand new facility for the Wisconsin Historical Society. We chatted about LAS at a local restaurant for lunch and demoed our new business intelligence module with customizable dashboards.

Next at Northwestern’s Oak Grove Library Center, we spent time with John and Christopher talking about the facility’s history using the LAS software on site. We sat down with their team and got some great ideas over some local Chicago style pizza about ways we can improve the software in the future. We took lots of photos and gave Oak Grove the award for the longest aisles that we have ever seen!

Stay tuned for the next installment featuring our visit with upstate New York customer Syracuse University. Please contact us if you are an existing customer who would like to schedule a site visit, or if you are opening or upgrading a facility and would like a sales consultation.

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