• Kevin Fiore

GFA Visits Syracuse

Syracuse University Libraries Facility

The GFA team had the opportunity to visit the Syracuse University Libraries Facility or “The Facility” last month on a beautiful fall day. It seems like only yesterday when they were constructing this shiny new 20,000 square foot facility, but they have been GFA customers for 5 years now! The Facility offers next-business day delivery Sunday through Friday with over 1 million volumes.

When Syracuse began using our LAS software 5 years ago they quickly ramped up to a peak of processing and storing 1,000 items a day! According to an SU Daily Orange article, a 2010 council of library information resources study compared the 2009 cost of keeping a book on an open library stack at $4.26 per year versus only $0.86 to store a book in high-density storage, resulting in savings for Syracuse of nearly $2M over 5 years!

We had a very productive day meeting with Facility Manager Anthony Carbone, University Libraries IT Manager Russ Silverstein, Access & Resource Sharing Head Melinda Dermody and the rest of the amazing facility team. We demoed our new business intelligence module with customizable dashboards, and then discussed how our Library Archival Software (LAS) can be enhanced to best suit their needs as they optimize and expand their operation in the future. Several hours and many pizzas later we left with a much greater appreciation and understanding of the team running the SULF.

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