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GFA Technology Launches LAS Business Intelligence with Beautiful, Simple and Powerful Analytics

Modern analytics is about much more than generating reports and charts. LAS Business Intelligence allows archive managers to rapidly create beautiful interactive dashboards to instantly visualise their data. Shared across the organisation and beyond with a single click publish to web and dedicated mobile apps, and supported with built in collaboration for any device, these dashboards ensure all stakeholders can collaborate with the information they need anytime, anywhere.

  • Our new dashboards and Excel integration replace time consuming executive reports.

  • Unlike printed reports, dashboards are interactive allowing you to drill down into the data.

  • Visualize all areas of LAS from accessions and retrievals to refiles and space utilization.

  • Easily publish dashboards to the web with access permissions such as executive, staff and public.

  • Dashboards are dynamically sized for clear viewing on tablets, phones and other mobile devices.

  • Receive alerts on your phone or iWatch for anything in LAS, for example if accessions fall below a certain level per hour.

  • Excel integration* enables export of any data from LAS directly into Excel without help from IT.

  • Designed for LAS databases out of the box, and expandable to other data sources with the addition of a Professional development licensee.

  • Unique live analytics engine means data extract and transformation take seconds, not hours or days

  • Hosting plans are available. * Excel integration requires a businesses or professional development license

LAS Business Intelligence comes with a collection of dashboards and reports designed specifically for LAS users, including accessions by customer, retrievals over time, refiles, EDD and more.

Business Development licenses are available, along with BI agents that enable you to create new dashboards and reports and modify the supplied dashboards and reports, all using LAS data.

Professional Development licenses can also be added along with BI agents, enabling dashboards and reports to integrate with and include data from non LAS sources like catalogs. Professional Development licenses also allow you to fully use the power of the Business Intelligence tool for other departments in your organization, allowing this to be your multi departmental enterprise solution for Business Intelligence.

We will be demonstrating LAS Business Intelligence at the American Library Association (ALA) Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits in booth #1056 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO from February 9-12, 2018.Schedule a site visit today and let our experts help you determine which BI licenses are best for your facility!

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