• Kevin Fiore

GFA Technology Signs License Agreement with Harvard University

GFA Tech Library Archival Solutions

TIVERTON, RI - April 2, 2018 - Generation Fifth Applications (GFA) today announced a renewal of its exclusive license to distribute Library Archival Software (LAS) and that it is the only official vendor licensed to support or provide maintenance for LAS installations.

LAS is the original software utility written to support the Harvard Model for High Density Storage, an ultra-efficient methodology invented over 30 years ago to facilitate the efficient scanning, verification, shelving, storage, location and retrieval of books and other items based on barcodes and sizes. GFA currently provides archival software to over 30 major university and library archives worldwide with over 50 million volumes.

Please contact us or call 207-625-2050 for additional information about LAS or to schedule a demo or site visit.

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