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GFA Releases new LAS Update

Generation Fifth Applications is proud to announce our newest release of our flagship product, LAS 2019. This release is a true milestone. We are excited by the fact that when you upgrade to this version you will be on a standard version of LAS that is 100% under source code control. Unfortunately, in years past, with the prior management team, some sites had features that other sites were lacking. This is all being corrected with this release. Now, the good things that may have only been done in a few sites will be rolled out to all.

Does our standard release mean that you will lose the customizations developed specifically for your site? No, of course not, at least not if you don’t want it to. We will compare your code to our standard code and discuss your existing customizations with you. We will also go over the new features with you in detail. If you may decide you don’t need the customization any more, great, we will roll out the standard upgrade. If you determine you need some or all of the customizations, we will work with you on economically getting the customization merged into the new release. These too will be source-controlled, making future upgrades painless and straightforward.

The release is now available and we are working with sites to install it on a first come first served basis. Please contact us to get on the schedule.

In addition to the LAS 2019, Q1 will mark the official release of our new Business Intelligence dashboards and reports. This graphical dashboard and reporting tool has been a principle focus of our development efforts. Please let us know if you’d like an updated demonstration of the tool early next year.

LAS 2019 includes many fixes and enhancements; below are a few of the highlights.

  • You asked for it, now you have it…. Drum roll please… a multi-owner option for shelves! This was our most requested feature, and we’re excited to make it available. The feature will be configurable, of course – that’s the GFA way! -- and we will work with you to make sure that it is set up properly to meet the needs of your operation

  • Searches! There were a large number of maintenance programs for which the (CTRL-F) search functionality was not working. You need to page/scroll down to find the item of interest – making these programs painful to use for research. Programs that have been fixed include most of the work-order and work-order-detail maintenance screens. You can also now search for a report number in VIEW REPORTS.

  • Certain data input screens scroll instead of paging – allowing you to keep track of the last item entered.

  • If you ever got stuck because someone had a record locked -- we now have a utility that can give you much more information about lock holders.

  • You can now reprint a packing list or EDD from a closed work order.

  • Traditionally, LAS activity has been tracked against the Linux login, which is appropriate for most sites. But you can now track activity against the LAS user’s login if you prefer.

  • Miscellaneous fixes to the report archiver, allowing you to compress and save old reports into a subdirectory. This saves both space on your system and time when searching your report directory – you no longer have to download a directory list containing all of the last 10 years of reports!

  • Various corrections and improvements to the “Delete Empty Accession Orders” routine.

  • Don’t lose your day’s work! Most sites are performing nightly backups, but it is now possible to save transaction logs periodically during the day; these can be used to recreate the day’s work up through the last save point.

  • Sometimes the safety checks performed on a PWI (Permanent Withdrawal Indirect), can interfere with a legitimate withdrawal. In particular: The item in question had to have been retrieved by the owner, and the owner needs to be making the PWI request.) It is now possible for an administrator to override this restriction.

  • We are keeping more information about transactions, including an Item Move History facility.

You can find more information about these and other features of LAS 2019 in the Current Development forum on our Enterprise Support Portal.

Please contact us or call 207-625-2050 to learn more, see a screen share demo, and begin the process of scheduling your upgrade.

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